Liu Kang – A Centennial Celebration

I decided that in my journey to learn to draw, I must also expose myself to works of artists. And it doesn’t matter if the works are immortalised in museums or just a quick sketch done at the coffee shop.

Liu Kang – A Centennial Celebration” at the Singapore Art Museum was one of the first I went to in August.

A guide was leading a group and I was rather thick-skinned and followed them the whole hour, haha! Fortunately she was kind enough not to shoo me away. So that was how I learned more about the origin of the “Nanyang style”. Together with four other artists (Cheong Soo Pieng, Chen Chong Swee and Chen Wen Hsi), Liu Kang visited Bali in 1952. This led to the development of the Nanyang style, which is a synthesis of asian and tropical subjects with Western painting techniques.

When it came to Liu Kang’s self-portrait in pastel, the guide shared its intricacies, and I came to appreciate how good he was as an artist.

As it was the first time I was visiting the Singapore Art Museum (really! a bit pathetic right?), I was not sure if I could snap any photos so I didn’t (but at subsequent visits I checked and realised I could if no flash is used). So what I have here are pieces that I have seen, borrowed from other websites.

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