An Upside Down World

In this set of exercises, I had to just “draw what I see”.

To do this, Ms Betty made us copy drawing two pictures from the book while looking at them upside down. This way, we do not know what we are drawing and are forced to look carefully at the original picture. This method tricks the dominant right brain to give up as it cannot make sense of the picture, and allows the left brain to take over the task that Mr Right abandoned.

Here are the results.

Upside down drawing #1. Copy of a sketch “The Portrait of Igor Stravinsky” by Picasso.


Upside down drawing #2. Copy of horse and rider.

I was very surprised that they look like the originals. And I was copying them upside down – and did not even know what I was copying.

That gave me courage that possibly I can learn to see better, and also draw.

2 thoughts on “An Upside Down World

  1. I just watched a Korean Drama “Painter of the Wind”. There was a section where the teacher tells the students to draw upside down. 🙂
    Menq Woei

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