Right At The Edge

I learned next to look at the edges of the object that I am drawing. This is also known as contour drawing and it is helpful as it gives me an idea of the overall shape first and then I can fill in the details later.

As per the instructions from Draw from the Right Side of the Brain, I constructed a picture frame from cardboard and a picture plane from transparent plastic with crosshairs drawn with marker. I used this to trace the shape of my hand first, and then removed the picture to fill in the details by looking at my hand directly.

The drawings before show my progress before instruction and after.

This is one of the pre-instruction exercise drawing of my hand.

I drew my hand after watching a drawing instructional video by Mark Crilley on YouTube

Drawing my hand by using picture frame and picture plane on toned paper. I am encouraged that it looks more like a human hand.

I decided to work harder and re-do the exercise, this time holding an object to make it more challenging. I am pleased with the results.

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