The Burning Gaze


Late in October I visited the Singapore Art Museum   again. This time to see the works of Korean artist Hyung Koo Kang  .

The exhibition titled “The Burning Gaze” features the artist’s self-portrait and portraits of well-known personalities that have captivated our imagination in modern times including Mother Theresa, Andy Warhol, Marilyn Monroe and Princes Diana.


This is one of my favourite paintings at the exhibition.

His paintings are photo realistic, but they are not copied directly from photos but a composite of what the artist has seen and knew about the subject. I could see every strand of silvery hair, every wrinkle, and every burning gaze dramatically displayed on huge canvasses of aluminium. It is hard to tear my eyes from the paintings. The artist speaks large and loud about characters that already have very huge presences.


Another one of Mother Theresa that I love.

I understand his paintings sell for well over US$150,000 each.


For all the drama and intensity he produced on canvas, the artist is so sweet and obliging in person.

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