Seeing Negatively is Positive

I  continue my lesson on learning how to see. In this next exercise, I learned not just to look at the object that I was drawing (the positive space) but also look at the negative space as they both share the same line or “edge” in a drawing. I also learned how to a “basic unit” to help me gauge the proportions of various parts of the drawing.

I did a drawing of a chair at home using this technique with the help of the picture frame and picture plane.

It did not help that I was drawing this in the middle of the night when the lighting was poor and there was a lot of interference from the background at home. So I struggled with this one, especially with seeing as the chair is black. It is not very proportionate either. My mom was wondering where this short fat chair came from.

I found that seeing negative space is very helpful. Instead of being distracted about the object’s details, I could just look at the shape of the negative spaces hugging the object and this helps me construct the overall shape. After reading about negative space, I found myself unconsciously checking out all the negative spaces when I am looking at something on the MRT or at the shopping mall!

However, I found using the basic unit a bit challenging as measuring seems like a very left brain task, so I ended up feeling rather conscious and anxious over the accuracy of my measurements.

My drawing is not very proportionate but that falls into the next lesson.

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