Urban Sketches From A Friend

A couple of months after I started taking action to do something about my dormant interest drawing, it got a boost through my friend Si Y.

We have not met for a while and recently I saw her sketches and paintings posted on her Facebook profile posted by a group called Urban Sketchers Singapore. After commenting how I liked them, I was in fact hoping that I could learn something about drawing from her.

A page from the inaugural publication by Urban Sketchers Singapore.

This is one of the many incidents in life that makes me more and more convinced that if you really feel strongly about something, and make a decision and start to take action, the universe would conspire to bring the right people and circumstances to you. When I started attending a yoga class at a new school, lo and behold she was occupying the mat right next to me!

Si Yi invited me to her home that afternoon to show me her sketch books, drawing equipment and even gave me an impromptu art lesson. She also shared more about the sketching hobby group Urban Sketchers Singapore. Her sketch would be published in their first book to be launched soon.

Some of the artists' sketchbooks and equipment on display. This set belongs to Ms Tia Boon Sim. I love the tiny field chair that she uses.

Although I could not attend the book launch, I managed to visit the exhibition later.

I met Ms Tia Boon Sim at the exhibition. She is an art educator and the founder of Urban Sketchers Singapore chapter. She encouraged me to join them for the next outing. Eh, Ms Tia… I think I cannot make it lah (not that I am that busy, but my drawing cannot make it).

One of Si Y's works in Urban Sketchers inaugural publication. Way to go, gal!

I was really inspired after talking to Si Y and visiting the exhibition. I hope that one day, I can also join them to draw something nice.

3 thoughts on “Urban Sketches From A Friend

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