Dali In A Denim Skirt

At the start of this portrait drawing class, my classmate Jia Jia said: “Today’s model is Ed. You’d find him…eh…interesting.”

Ed, an artist himself, is a modern day incarnation of Salvador Dali.

Has Dali ever sat for you? My portrait of Ed

Oh, did I mention that he came in a shin-length denim skirt? Ed’s point is that men across all cultures first wore skirt before they wore pants. So he saw wearing one in perfect good sense and order.

Ed in denim. The portrait in his hands was done in just 15 mins by our teacher. I took 2 hours and the result is nothing near this. Hey! Maybe mine is in the spirit of Dali, who had apparently said: "I do not paint a portrait to look like the subject, rather does the person grow to look like his portrait."


Ed sat for us again the following week. My second portrait of him with corrections by teacher.

*Trivial – did you know that Dali designed the Chupa Chups logo and also starred in a chocolate TV ad in the 1960s saying (in French): “I’m crazy about Lanvin chocolate!”? This is the same guy who said: “I don’t do drugs. I am drugs.”

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