Every Artist Needs A Little Field Chair

After visiting the recent exhibition by Urban Sketches Singapore (USK), I became obsessed with owning a little field chair. I was just dreaming that one day, I can take my little field chair out to an on-site sketching session like those you see USK members go to.

A friend, who always dressed to the nines when she started golf lessons, told me: “If you cannot golf like a golfer, then like one.” Huh! If I cannot draw like an artist, then it is the logical conclusion that I must first acquire all the trappings of an artist. I need a mini field chair!

So off I went to the army supplies stores at Golden Mile Shopping Centre and this is what I got. For just $4.50! In fact I could have bought it at $3.50 but I got so excited seeing this at the first store I forgot to compare prices. Urgh!

My little chair in relation to my fat cat Mimi.

It can be converted to a mini table.

When collapsed, it can fit nicely into my Cat Socrates canvas bag. Just need to throw the fat cat out of the bag.

Alternatively you can get this 3-legged one for $3.50. Hmm…maybe I need one of these too…

One thought on “Every Artist Needs A Little Field Chair

  1. These are great and nice and light. If youwant to up grade, check out the directors chairs with fold up tables attatched, some also have bags on the side for your supplies. This one is great http://www.saa.co.uk/artsupplies/lightweight-artists-chair-with-table-980871.html

    Not as cheap but lots of advantages. I used one like yours for years though, before I crocked my back, so now I need something a bit more supportive.

    Have fun sketching.

    Billie 🙂

    PS. The SAA do ship outside the UK 🙂

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