Drawings From Angels

When did we become so self-conscious that we are afraid to draw even as a form of self-expression? When we entered teenagehood? Or way back when Adam and Eve took guilt-ridden bites of the fruit that opened their eyes?

Lest we forget we were children once, we should just freely draw, freely express ourselves. There was a time when we didn’t care how our pictures looked and they still made us happy. When stars could be blue and pink, and when hearts were so full of joy they could not be filled with anything except rainbows?

From Shih Yi

To Auntie Monica from Shih Yi


To Auntie Monica from Shih Han

3 thoughts on “Drawings From Angels

  1. Thanks for this awesome post Monica – I totally agree!! I’ve been sitting around fervently wishing that I could draw because it would be such a great way to inspire creativity in general and of course to express myself artistically to help get the writing juices flowing…and then the thought comes “well you can’t draw well, so don’t do it”. But you’re right and thanks for that – I’m going to stop wishing and just do it! 🙂

  2. Thank you! In the beginning, I felt shy even wanting to start. But I realise that we all have a right to learn and to try. Like writing, drawing is a form of self-expression. After I read “Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain” and “Van Gogh’s Letters” I felt very encouraged, especially when both book told me that we each have our individual style and see different things and that we must guard this uniqueness and protect it. I began to see that things or people that are deemed unattractive through normal eyes are actually beautiful. I wish you much a happy journey in learning to see and draw. Let’s do it together and have a great time! *I love your “About” page. Everyday since a child, I wanted to be different things too. I try to see it positively – it means we admire many people and types of vocation in the world : )

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