Portrait – See You In A While!

In portrait drawing class, I learned the basic proportion of a face so that when I try to render one it would still look reasonably human. However, I find tremendous difficulty going down to details such as drawing eyes, ears, nose and lips.

So I decided to teach myself by referring to a book again. This time I referred to Lee Hammond’s Drawing Lifelike Portraits from Photographs. Lee is an illustrator who has published many well-received books on drawing. She is also a certified police composite artist which means that she can draw portraits to great likeness. Lee said we have to learn the subtlety of shading because that is what makes a face realistic compared to line drawings.

I learn about the 5 elements of shading in various tones and practised basic exercises like shading ball, cylinder and egg shapes.

nose and persimmin

Then I practised drawing by copying noses and noses (and the occasional persimmon when I got bored).

And then there were more noses….


And lips…

And then I decided to move on.

I am happy to have learned some basic portrait drawing skills and realise how “not easy” it is and how doing it reasonably well will take a lifetime (for me). What I learned from this process is that now every face looks unique and interesting. Every face has a story.

The world is so exciting and I want to start drawing other things too. So I am leaving faces aside for the moment, and perhaps come back to it when time is right.

4 thoughts on “Portrait – See You In A While!

    • Thanks Sandi. I started practising last August from the book “Drawing from the Right Side of The Brain” and attended portrait drawing class in Oct. I have stopped that now and just started watercolour class doing still life. It is really fun!

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