Enthusiasm = More Art Supplies

Shopping for supplies is one of the joyful activities that accompany the hobby of drawing and painting. Even though I do not need anything, I enjoy shopping at the art supplies store and usually end up with something. In my enthusiasm, I always buy more than I need.

All I needed today was a natural hair flat brush for background washes. But…


Clockwise from top: 1) masking fluid 2) water container 3) 2-inch goat hair brush from Japanese maker Colora 4) tissue masking tape

I don’t quite need the masking fluid yet as I have not approached the stage of doing really fine detailed work but I figured what the heck, it’s just a matter of time that this would come in handy. My excuse is that this one from Daler-Rowney costs less than $7.

The masking tape I use to tape the paper to the easel board is too sticky and risk tearing the paper. I might as well get some tissue masking tape. Afterall, it’s such a lovely shade of yellow.

I already have a couple of round water containers with covers but isn’t this 3-in-1 really cute?


A cutesy little basket that is compact enough for storage but expandable to 3 pails.

I know I would find any small excuse to go shopping for supplies yet again.

So much for a life of voluntary simplicity. Sometimes, I simply have to eat my words.

7 thoughts on “Enthusiasm = More Art Supplies

  1. I loved this post. I can totally relate. I went to the art store this week for one thing and left with a few more things. I like browsing the aisles looking at all the different media and paper! There are so many neat little organizational gizmos. But, I do agree, a trip to the art supply store is always motivational.

    • Yes it is motivational! Makes me feel more like an artist. A friend, a would-be golfer then, took care to dress up real fine when she first started learning to golf and she told me:”If you can’t golf like a golfler, you must look like a golfer!” While I can’t paint like an artist yet, I will meantime attempt to look and feel like one, through my little gizmos, haha!

  2. It’s exactly like you said “if you can’t golf like a golfer, you must look like a golfer.” I could easily replace the word “golfer” and fill in with many other things I look like or have looked like or have the gizmos to prove that I am or was one! 🙂 It’s just a part of the fun of trying new things out isn’t it?! 🙂 Happy shopping!

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  4. I forgot to comment on this last night. I have this exact container. I love it and bring it to my class every week, where it stays in the bag! My classmates tease me over having every sort of gizmo imaginable in that bag, so I keep it there as my little secret. So silly. It’s a terrific little container. Great for painting outside on my picnic table. Loved this post. I’m an art supply hoarder!!!


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