Watercolour – Still Life Orchids

Our painting class is a mixed class, with some students learning oil painting and others watercolour painting. Teacher heard that I would like to paint flowers and introduced this project to class the following week.

Study of orchids in vase. Hmm…not just one or two flowers. And so many details on the vase. I think I will just paint what I think is important (avoidance strategy hehehe).

It’s done. Sigh of relief. (Look at the messy hair…”stressed tresses”.)

With teacher’s corrections and finishing touches, it looks prettier than it actually was.

My beloved prefers pastels. So teacher accommodated and now the budding artist creates a dust storm in class every week. Next time I must bring a face mask…sigh.

6 thoughts on “Watercolour – Still Life Orchids

  1. Monica your orchids are beautiful, i adore the colour scheme, quite muted but very stunning, This is my favourite and I think its beautfiul… really really well done, very delicate touch 🙂

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