Tea Three Times Over

Tea for three. One for you, one for me, and another for the little doggie.

Teacher brought three Chinese tea pots to class today.  Three stylised tea pots in elaborate design. Two with a little doggie each on top, and a round white one that looks like a tyre tube. I could see all the silent “omg!” speech bubbles above each student’s head.

It was a long session that night. We had to be chased out by the venue staff who needed to lock up the studio. She screamed politely when she saw that we were still at it: “老師!” (“lao shi!” or “Teacher!”). Which kind of expressed everything she needed to say.

Next week, teacher must bring simpler objects for study.

Or it’d be another long tea party.

2 thoughts on “Tea Three Times Over

  1. These are cute although missing shadows I realise you didnt get it finished but prehaps you may benefit from concentrrating on trying to finish all the items pick one piece and do it to your best ability then start on the next one, I think sometimes it all gets overwhelming if there is too much detailed work in front of you. but I honestly think you did a lovely job colours are sweet 🙂

  2. Thanks Sandy. Yes I was rather overwhelmed because there were 3 items, and each with a lot of details to paint. (Urgh!) I shall remember your advise next time and just concentrate on one thing. We were all anxious and afraid we could not finish in time. : )

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