A Quicker Cuppa

Teacher must really love teapots. Because this week he brought another one to class. But I think he learned his lesson last week and brought only one teapot instead of three. Lest we paint till dawn. This way, we end class earlier. A quicker cuppa.

Teacher’s teapot.

This time I made sure I don’t fuss too much about details when I sketch but to take time after sketching to observe the colours, light and shadow areas and plan the order of painting sequence. I realise that planning is important before picking up the brush. It also helped that Teacher said: “那些花模模糊糊就可以了.” It means the flowers and plants on the teapot do not have to be too detailed. Actually, to translate exactly, what he said was: “It’s ok to paint those flowers in a hazy blur.” That’s cool.

My teapot.

At the end of the class, I felt quite pleased. Teacher did not manually correct my painting this time, but only gave verbal corrections. He asked me to enhance the differentiation between the light and shadow areas, and to be aware of this difference from left to right, and from up to down.

I think I have been a good student today, and this shows especially for the lid, spout, the lip and opening of the teapot. You can see more depth and a 3D effect in these areas of the painting. Of course, I need to improve on the shape of the teapot especially in the right which seems too flat, and the perspective of the spout which seems too frontal. Still, I think I have improved since the first lesson.

The teapot I painted during my first watercolour class.

Teacher also told us that painting is not just about choosing exact colours of the subject nor painting all details exactly as we see it but according to our own interpretation too. He said this would make the painting more interesting. This is what I noticed, from observing Teacher these past few weeks and how he chooses colours. Now I understand a little more about creative freedom and this makes me feel less fettered. I can just have fun with colours!

I love painting class so much. During these 2 hours each week, I just loose myself and enjoy. And it has been wonderful.

His pastel teapot.

4 thoughts on “A Quicker Cuppa

  1. Hi Ya Mon! Great Paintings! Hubby says “您很有畫畫的天分!” hee…this reminds me, hey, please keep a painting for me hor, than i can keep next time for auction! sure you’ll be famous!!!

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