Tutti Frutti

This week, we painted fruits. Which at first seemed like an easier subject than teapots. Seemingly.

Foreshortening the papaya posed some difficulty, and surprisingly the apple gave me a fair bit of grief. It is challenging to draw something in one predominant colour, and to create illusion of form.

Teacher’s fruit platter.


Monica’s fruit platter. Teacher advised me that the composition is too low, and gives the painting a sinking feeling. I was too tired that night to re-sketch.And the green paint on my mango was just too drippy.Sigh.


His pastel platter.

4 thoughts on “Tutti Frutti

    • Thank you Barry! The pastel paintings are done by my beloved, we attend the same class together. Sometimes he has better days than me : ) Thanks for your encouragement.

  1. Everything is fine, just keep doing it. Pastels simply don’t look that great when you take a photo, especially if that’s a small size painting. Same thing with small watercolours while photos of large paintings make a lot of sense.

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