The Ixora

I love to be overwhelmed by flowers. But when it comes to painting, more than one flower overwhelms me.

Our subject during this lesson is a branch of ixora that Teacher probably ripped off from some roadside shrub (that technically belongs to the gah-men, which literally means he broke the law). *Gah-men means government in Singapore slang.

The ixora has many tiny flowers. I felt quite anxious having to draw and paint so many details.

If you have never seen an ixora plant before, this is how it looks like.


The ixora is also known as the West Indian Jasmine.

Ixora is a common tropical shrub.  Its flowers come in a variety of colours including red, orange, pink and yellow. Red ixora is used in Hindu worship and in Indian folk medicine.

In the middle of the ixora flower is a needle-like stamen that leads to the ovary base where the nectar glands are located. I remember that as a child, my friends and I used to pull out this needle and suck the nectar from the flowers.



The flowers confuse me. Teacher had to re-sketch my drawing.


The finished piece. With lots of help from Teacher.

Pastel ixora by my beloved.

Some of our paintings that night.

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