Soleil de Fleur

I snapped this photo in spring this year in Guanshan, Taiwan. Aren’t the sunflowers just lovely?

The botanical name of the sunflower is “helianthus annus”. It comes from the Greek name “helios” (sun), “anthos” (flower) and “annus” (annual).

The sunflower originated from central and south America and its seeds are a valuable source of food. It is not surprising then that it is worshiped by the ancient Aztecs and Incas.

Sunflowers never fail to bring a little helios everywhere they go, don’t you think?


I bought this from Tanjong Pagar wet market and brought it to class last week.


An amateur piece. But I enjoyed painting it.  I guess that’s all that matter.

My friend Karen invited me to see this really tall sunflower in her garden late last year. Don’t I look like a cute bumble bee?

4 thoughts on “Soleil de Fleur

    • Thank you! Yes, I painted the banner myself. It was a day when I felt the urge to pain yellow sunflowers against a purple sky. Yellow for joy and life, and purple for spirituality : )

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