Red Leather Flower

Some people make it a point to draw something every day. I know I must sketch regularly as it is foundational. I am not practicing enough. I am not even practicing – full stop.

This is my red flower for today.


A red leather brooch which I love.

2 thoughts on “Red Leather Flower

  1. Your picture is stunning, your shading is wonderful. Its true the more you practice it does help but if you are feeling pressured, obliged to do something you will quickly resent it. I draw when I need to. Maybe have your favorite pencils on the table or next to your favorite chair. When you see something you just HAVE to draw it will call to you and try to just enjoy it. I’ve learnt the hard way that your can’t force art, go with the flow. Take thre pressure off, get some kids crayons and just scribble, colour in the different gaps. Doodle! Its fun and its not trying to look like something specific. I found doing more abstract style gave me the confidence with my materials and this in turn helped when I went back to the more realistic styles too.

  2. Thank you Billie. I think I would do just that. I have a small little sketchbook and I will carry that with me more often so I can doodle. And yes, you are so right that I do try to draw realistic stuff because of what I see in drawing and sketching books. Maybe I should just take it easy and draw whatever style, abstract or not, and see where it takes me. Perhaps I just need to start taking the line for a walk and don’t have too much expectations on where it should lead me, but let it simply lead me while I learn to see the world. : ) Thanks so much. You make me feel more free ; )

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