Lotus: A Sketch

This is another attempt to start up my practise again after having stopped for months. Really feel inadequate. But we must keep going, keep drawing.

Contour drawing practise.


Shading practise.


Isn’t she a beauty? I am not doing her justice. But I will keep practising and one day soon, I will paint her a pretty picture. (Photograph by Philip Little)

7 thoughts on “Lotus: A Sketch

  1. Hi, Thanks for visiting and liking my post on Regrowing Romaine. It led me to your great post. I sketch and paint too…In fact, on the sidebar of my blog are many pictures that I have on my Flickr account that I put there for other artists to use…feel free to use any of my photos for reference. Happy Sunday to you. Kathy

  2. I think you are doing great with your flowers. There is a wonderful artist called Suzi Blu and she once said ‘Its very rare to just instantly be able to draw and paint. You gotta pay your dues.’ Basically the more you draw the more you get your hands, eyes and brain to play nicely together. I’ve struggled for over 30 years to draw and paint and its only when I stopped TRYING and just had a go, working on blending on its own, working on shapes etc If you are getting fed up of not achieving finished pieces you like, maybe try working on individual techniques, just a single petal rather than a full size finished piece.

    It really helped me and I’ve noticed that if I draw most days, even if its a little colouring each day it makes a BIG big difference. Take the pressure of and chill with it, it will so help.

    Best wishes

    Billie 🙂

  3. Thanks for the encouragement Billie! I try to remember that everything can be learned if we put our mind and effort to it. It’s just that I have been quite busy with my brotberuf (bread job) lately that I had very little time for anything else. Feeling quite deprived. So I really enjoy reading blogs like yours and getting some inspiration of what I can hope to do. I shall just draw, and enjoy it, and stop “trying” like you suggest. When I “try” too hard, I am always afraid that I would do disservice to the paper, afraid of defacing it. But wanting to create something “perfect” is perhaps the greatest barrier, methinks. Yet, I have not overcome the fear of the pristine paper : )

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