Purple Gloxinia


A lazy Saturday afternoon at home.


Getting the purple right. Since this gloxinia flower is reddish purple, I mixed Ultramarine Blue (a blue with red undertone) and Madder Lake Deep (a red with blue tone).




It’s always harder then I thought it would be.


Amateurish. Next time I will try to do better.

7 thoughts on “Purple Gloxinia

  1. I really like this painting, its free and loosely painted style. How about exploring different styles and see which you like the best. I’m striving for botanical style paintings too but I chill out with acrylics and a totally different style to have fun. Try having a play with a different style to the one you are ‘aiming’ for. Taking away the rules and expectations really helps imporove your techniques as it boosts your confidence.

    Give it a go, it made all the difference to me 馃槈

  2. Thanks Billie! What a relief to hear you say that – I have been wondering the same thing too! I read an interesting article about the various types of realist paintings recently (http://gregscheckler.wordpress.com/2012/06/22/theres-many-more-than-one-kind-of-realist-painting/), and I realise that there are many ways to seeing and capturing life and thought that maybe I should not be too fixated about one kind of realism.

    For most of my life since graduating from childhood (sadly shorter that I had hoped), I had to follow rules and structures and this is reflected in how I draw and paint too. I kept thinking I have to do this “right” so that it would look “real” and “accurate”. It’s like as if I needed permission from someone to step out of those boundaries I have set for myself.

    Thank you so much. It’s like someone giving me permission to give myself permission to just let go. : )

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