Come Fly With Me

Recently I read an article (re-posted on Facebook by Kamal Dollah, thank you!) “There’s Many More Than One Kind of Realist Painting” written by Gregory Scheckler. Greg said there are many types of realist paintings. And after I painted my Purple Gloxina, Billie’s Craft Room encouraged me to break the rules and try painting in different styles.

It is not easy for me because for most of my adult life I have been following rules. It was only from my mid-30s that I started breaking them (oh man, big time. I’d tell you when I reach 70). But it is never easy to break free. And I have brought this “follow-the-rules” mindset into the process of learning how to draw and paint. I keep thinking I have to do it the “right” way.

So over the last few days I tried to break free.

Spiritual Inspiration

I decided to paint this photo of me taken by my husband while I was in a meditating pose. I like it very much because I think it is just very beautiful. I am in all white, and on my  purple yoga mat accompanied by my pot of purple gloxinia flower (purple is a spiritual  colour). It is a picture of the kind of serenity I hope to have more often.


Purple is one of my favourite colours. It is often depicted as the predominant colour of the aura of spiritually evolved beings.

Although Venerable S. Dhammika who is guiding me in meditation practise has emphatically told me that that meditation does not lead to levitation, I decided to make myself levitate anyway (sorry Venerable). My yoga mat will become a flying carpet! : )

My Darling Mimi

This is Mimi, my ginger-Persian cat who is so timid and shy that she never ventures out of the house except when I have to drag her to visit the vet. The poor darling will probably live most her days as a truly domestic cat, never knowing what the outside world is like. So I decided to take her out on a magical adventure with me.


See how sweet Mimi is when she is cradled in my arms.

Breaking The Job Down Into Parts

I also decided to turn my purple gloxinia into a thousand-petaled flower. The highest chakra at our crown is the sahasrara. It represents the highest spiritual attainment and is symbolized  by a thousand-petaled lotus.

This is the thousand petaled flower that I imagined out of my purple gloxinia – it grew to a thousand metres tall! Just like in Jack and the Beanstalk.


The sahasrara or crown chakra is located just above the head and is often referred to as the thousand-petaled lotus. It is said to be the most subtle chakra, relating to pure consciousness. When a yogi is able to raise his or her kundalini (energy of consciousness) up to this point, the state of Samādhi is experienced.

And this is my darling Mimi. As you can see I have painted her the way she is – very chubby, in a lovely ginger colour with her bushy tail (like a squirrel’s) swaying in the wind. She loves soft materials so I created a lovely pink silk cushion adorned with pink hearts tussles so she can better enjoying her ride in the air. Mimi’s favorite colour is pink – almost everything she owns is pink.

As there is no white paint in water colour, I cannot mix red and white to get pink. So I created the pink from a very watered-down red.


I make sure Mimi rides first-class.

Recently I read a book about crop circles and realised that they are seldom ever circles anymore. Look at this one.


This crop circle appeared at Stonehenge in July 2002. Beautiful.

Since I am currently fascinated with crop circles, I decided to add one in. In the form of the Sanskrit character for “om”.


Some say that “om” is the universal sound that the yogis hear in deep meditation.

I am very glad I improved on my painting of the leaf. I did a terrible job of it while painting Purple Gloxina. This time, I tried lifting the paint to create the veins. Lovely! I did the same method for my hair too.


I gave the paper a thin wash before painting the leaf green, and then lifted the paint with a smaller, dry brush. It had to be done very quickly before the paint dried.

Of course, I made sure I painted my shoulders to make them look sexy – shining and reflecting the sunlight. Like I just had a very good exfoliating body scrub done.


Putting It All Together

And this is the final painting. Me and Mimi on a magical spiritual adventure on my flying yoga mat.

Maybe I can call it a kind of magical realism? What a blast we had!


Come Fly With Me – Monica and Mimi on our magical journey.

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