A Slice of Eden Walk

I picked up the brush recently after a hiatus. I decided to try painting this lovely cover of Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Paul Salopek’s on-going and lonesome journey which he started at the end of last year.

Called Eden Walk, the project will see Paul walk from the Horn of Africa where the human species first began and lead him on a 7 year 21,000 miles journey as he traces the footsteps of human migration to Tierra del Fuego – the Southernmost tip of South America. Would you give up 7 years of mainstream life for this amazing yet supremely difficult journey? He is so brave. Learn more about Paul’s journey and catch up with him on twitter at @outofedenwalk.

When I was done with the painting, my husband asked why my camel has such a bushy tail. I would like to think that it is being well taken care of, and as such, very well-groomed.



My yellow mounting tap makes this look like a National Geographic cover!



These camels are so cute to draw and paint. They have a comical expression – like from a Tin Tin comic strip.

The finished painting. I had trouble with the ground – not sure what to do with it. I was afraid to make it look too dark and monotonous so I decided to leave it and not mess it up further.



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