Back to Class

And so I’ve taken a break.  A long break.  But I am back in Mr Chew Kia Hai’s painting class again.

Most students chose the oil medium while just 3 of us used watercolour.  Oil has brilliant colours as you can see. And the classmates were all pretty good. I felt quite conscious painting in the presence of others again. Everyone was painting from a picture. I was the only one who didn’t bring one so I painted a still life set up by teacher just for me.

But 老师 (lao shi aka sinsei aka teacher) reminded me with a “敢敢的画!” (aka be bold/brave/confident aka cheong ah!).

So Monica, go, go, go!


老师 touching up for a classmate.


Mostly green and blues. Lovely!


Gorgeous orchids.


The class at work. Hmm…that lonesome chair and painting is mine.

My shy little still life. I hope it didn't die of fright.

My shy little still life. I hope it didn’t die of fright.


6 thoughts on “Back to Class

  1. That is fantastic you returned to painting! As far as I can see, results will be great! Good luck with your new projects!

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