Beetroot, Tomato and Carrot

To make it easier for 老师 (lao shi or teacher), I decided to bring my own objects for painting class. Each week, as I travel to class, I would pass by Tiong Bahru market. I love Tiong Bahru market. The food at the hawker centre is cheap, the market is clean and has many interesting things to see (like most markets).

I picked up a few things for class today. They are useful post-class too – to be turned into juice.

My tasks today.

My tasks today.

Getting there.

Getting there.

After I am done.

After I am done. (My husband said my tomato looks like a pumpkin and the carrot looks like a sausage.)

After teacher's done.

After teacher’s done correcting.


6 thoughts on “Beetroot, Tomato and Carrot

  1. I suspect our husbands are there to keep us grounded in reality :-). Your tomato looks like tomato to me and the carrot has the same shape like the carrot in the photo, which doesn’t have the usual carrot triangular shape.

    • Haha I think that’s true Zoya. Yes this time painted what I saw, and the vegetables do look a little mutant. Reminds me of French supermarket Intermarche’s recent Inglorius Fruits & Vegetables campaign. : )

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