White Orchids, Tough Orchids

After the last exercise on orchids, I decided to bring them to class again last week. I bought a paler shade this time, almost white with a hint of purple. After class, I bought another stalk of pure white. Just to show you the differences below.



The purple stalk in the centre was a leftover from my first painting (orchids are tough – they last a long time). The one on the left with a hint of purple which I painted during the second class on orchids, and the white one on the right which I attempted painting at home.



I thought I was being pretty smart to bring only one stalk of orchids this time.  But look what teacher added!



So this was what I had to deal with.



I found the white orchids pretty difficult. And I think I overdid the dotting to make certain areas stand out. So it looks a little dottie.


20140912_153247 - Copy

I tried painting orchids again a few days later, choosing the pure white orchids as a challenge. It was a challenge.


Here it is. I was afraid over over painting. I will try again. I realise that white flowers are really a challenge but worth tackling.



Talking about challenges. In the midst of mine, I was wondering what happened to that row of figs that Raye promised? Here’s my row. Although two (dried) figs could hardly be considered a row by some. But I was so hungry waiting for THAT row of figs, I just ate some of mine. So there are only two left. Oops – actually none by this posting : )

4 thoughts on “White Orchids, Tough Orchids

    • Thanks much Raye. I am very happy you are proud of me. It makes me proud of me too lol. Your watercolours are bold and unique. Love them especially the figs : ) Glad we are both doing well – we are so proud of ourselves. : )

  1. You are making huge progress now, and I don’t think it will take you long you will be able to paint just about anything you wish! Excellent work!

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