The Generosity of the Orange Tree

I have not painted in a while as I was busy with yoga and meditation practise as well as a whole lot of other distractions. Sometimes, I balk at painting because I have a perfectionist attitude. I want so much for the painting to be beautiful, to be perfect and fear that I would not do justice to a piece of blank white paper. It is rather silly I know, but I am not alone I am sure. Instead of seeing each attempt as a moment to be enjoyed, a moment to learn, that we are always works in progress, we choose unwisely to load that activity and that moment with so much expectations and emotional baggage that we forget to savour it. Sometimes we become so fearful and stuck that we never start.

I picked up the brush again today. Instead of the usual 16 x 12 inch water colour paper, I decided to paint in this little 4 x 5 3/4 inch Monologue sketchbook. I’ve only used 1 page so far since buying it almost 2 years ago as I’ve had this fear of spoiling the sktechbook with one bad sketch or painting. But actually, it is less intimidating due to its smaller size. I have a dear friend who has a really generous spirit and who had given me a lot of support over the past year. Today she came all the way to my home to give me birthday present – a box of many surprises. Inside were incense sticks from Bhutan and Tibet, a Japanese teapot and chocolates – all my favourite things in the world. Plus a few other extras thrown in to make it a box of miracles. But the time and attention she has given me, to support me emotionally and in my health has been the most wonderful gifts.


As I thought of her I decided I wanted to paint something to remember today. I searched the Internet and found that orange trees symbolise generosity and wisdom. I saw a lovely painting of an orange tree and decided to replicate it. It’s a simple painting. Not much skill to it since I’m not very skillful. But it captures the spirit of the moment – my gratitude and joy. And that’s what matters.

To all who have family or friends, even just one, who give you attention when you need – you are indeed blessed.

Like I am.


6 thoughts on “The Generosity of the Orange Tree

  1. Absolutely beautiful, Monica. Everything: your drawing, your writing, your wisdom, your fear…yes…we do all have that so you are not alone, your happiest birthday present, your friends, your health, your perseverance but mostly….you, beautiful you. xoxxRaye

    • Thank you so much Raye. I hold back alot sometimes. It has served me well im instances where reticence and diplomacy were needed but at other times I wished I had been braver, more spontaneous and seized the moment more, lived it more. Still, I’m work in progress. I’m so awe struck with what you’ve been painting lately. Your paintings are absolutely gorgeous and unique. And the colours! I’m so inspired!

  2. Amazing, what a great idea! I didn’t know orange tree symbolized generosity. Skill is completely secondary to a good intention, however, you are too critical to yourself, this looks beautiful and reflects everything you wanted to say.

  3. Hi there, Lovely Miss M.
    Saw your foot prints on my door step. Hope you are well, busy and content.
    Me? Yes…well, busy and content. Should be painting more but alas am not. Other distractions…all good.
    Xxoo Raye

    • Hi Raye! So nice to have you visiting. I wanted to leave a message that your blog is looking so wonderful after your revamp buy couldn’t cause the comments were closed. I’ve not been painting much either due to work and studies. Wishing you much contentment in your busyness : )

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