A few firsts

Today is the first time I:

a) Went art jamming

b) Painted in acrylic

c) Painted in almost monochrome

d) Aspired to be Geogia O’Keefe


Here I am – deep in concentration.


The completed painting. Acrylic is more manageable than watercolour as I can paint over my mistakes and also add in the highlights later rather than decide what white space to leave empty from the start.  Someone said it is as if I am on a dark and introspective journey. I intended it to be.


A painting by a colleague I like. It’s not surprising I like the painting too. This one is reflects a gentle and good heart.


Painted by a young lady I just met. I love autumn. This one is very poetic. I like it too. I think I am going to like her too.




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