Loving Vincent

I have waited more than a year for this movie since watching a short clip on YouTube by Dorota Kobiela.  This animated movie’s 65,000 frames were painted in the style of Van Gogh by more 100 artists over seven years.

The animated visuals were amazing – they made me wonder if this was really what the world seemed like through Vincent’s eyes. However, I must admit that after half an hour or so, my eyes got used to the visuals and they seemed less spectacular. That’s just how the human brain and senses work – we are wired for that next excitement.

The biggest let down was the story line. I did not really get much insights into the psyche of Vincent, which had been so richly portrayed in his letters. It seemed that the producers were too busy being true to Vincent’s paintings, that they forgot to put sufficient attention to his story. Someone online said we should watch the Vincent Van Gogh episode from Dr Who instead. I did watch one scene – and I must say that it was really quite touching.

Still, one particular line the movie quoted from Vincent touched me very much. He had said: “I want to touch people with my art. I want them to say ‘he feels deeply, he feels tenderly’.”

As someone who is learning how to draw and paint, I can understand that. Because drawing and painting is not about the end product, but about the subject. We learn to see, and to observe – and through that we learn to love our subject. Nothing is ugly – everything and everyone is unique and beautiful.

I add some of the scenes here from the movie’s official website – these are not original paintings by Van Gogh but were painted by the team of artists from the movie.

What a lovely project to be part of!

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